M&M Excavating is actively responding to the evolving global COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure the health of our workforce and adhere to the highest standards of social responsibility, M&M Excavating intends to suspend field operations on all projects effective April 4, 2020 through April 19, 2020. Therefore, M&M hereby withdraws your status as a “critical infrastructure worker” requiring you to ADHERE to Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-21 – Stay Home Stay Safe. This decision is based on the following data:

  • In a survey of our crews on April 1, 2020, 58% of our employees are uncomfortable and/or refusing to work through the COVID-19 pandemic and wish to abide by Governor Whitmer’s Stay Home Stay Safe Executive Order #2020-21. Reasons cited include obligations to care for elderly family members, spouses and/or children with compromised immune systems, and personal pre-existing conditions which increase risk of death due to COVID-19. Furthermore, concern for travel to/from jobsites, residing in hotels, and increased contact with the public through seeking supplies & services from gas stations, parts stores, etc.
  • While we have successfully acquired basic PPE for our employees to date, availability is becoming problematic, including the need to lock restroom facilities to ensure hand sanitizer is not stolen. Furthermore, to respond to the recommendations of the NIAID Director (Dr. Fauci) and the Michigan Chief Medical Executive (Dr. Khaldun) to don face masks in public, M&M is working to acquire and/or produce homemade face masks for our employees.
  • We have received communications from several subcontractors and suppliers notifying of their inability or limited ability to meet the requirements of their subcontracts and/or purchase orders due to factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic (workforce reductions, supply chain & PPE shortages).

M&M Excavating is committed to working through this pandemic and plans a return to work on April 20, 2020. During this pause, M&M will endeavor to resolve those factors to which we have control, such as increased virtual training in safety protocols relative to COVID-19 and developing our own facemasks. Additionally, we are hopeful that we can help #FlattenTheCurve by limiting exposure of our workforce thereby limiting pressure to our healthcare systems. However, we reserve the right to extend our return to work date based on new or developing circumstances.

If you choose to work as a “critical infrastructure worker” in another organization and do not follow the Stay Home Stay Safe order, you must immediately report your intentions to M&M to ensure protection of our workforce upon the return to work date. We ask that employees encourage one another to comply and report any circumstances that might pose a risk to our workforce.

Stay Healthy & Be well…

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